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Value Proposition


Becoming a reliable brand of benchmarkstudy among customers and a company with the highest happiness index


Helpingcustomers to located benchmarks, learn from benchmarks and create value

Core Value: The harvests of five aspects

Core value: Customerfirst; teamwork; delivery of value; pursuit of excellence; honesty and practicability

1. Customer First

Customer goes first because customersare whom we rely on for living

1. Customers are the sole reason of whyMyIdea exists and also the scarcest resource of ours.

2. Customers are always right. We shallnever deal with customers evasively even if we’re not responsible whencommunicating with customers.

3. Think things in customers’ shoes, andachieve a mutual satisfaction between customers and MyIdea under the premise ofprinciple-insisting.

4. Anticipatoryawareness of service to avoid unknown problems.

2. Teamwork

Responsibility-sharing; accomplish extraordinarythings as an ordinary person

1. Fit in the group actively and behappy to accept help from colleagues, and accomplish tasks with teamwork.

2. Put forward your constructiveopinions before decision-making, and take part in the group decisionadequately; fully support the decision through words and deeds after thedecision is made regardless of your personal objection.

3. Share business knowledge andexperiences actively; help colleagues when necessary; be good at solvingproblems and difficulties with the help of the team.

4. Sense of master; affect the teampositively and improve the morale and atmosphere of the team.

3.Delivery of Value

Seeking perfection, creating value

1. Share business knowledge andexperiences with colleagues and customers actively.

2. MyIdea never does valueless things orprograms for customers.

3. Keep learning and self-improving. Sethigher targets constantly because today’s best performance is tomorrow’sminimum requirement.

4. Customer value-oriented programsdeliver useful knowledge and information to customers, creating maximum value.

4. Pursuit of Excellence

Profession and dedication; we focus onword-of-mouth

1. We never go for grandiose projects,because we only focus on one thing – creating benchmark enterprise studyprojects of the highest quality in China.

2. We never go for the quantity but thequality, because we believe that only by creating the best projects can weimpress customers, and be helpful to customers.

3. We care about theneeds and feedback of every customer because we see the word-of-mouth as thelife of our company. We are trying our best to have every customer satisfied.

5. Honesty and Practicability

Integrity and honesty; walk the talk

1. Only by being sincere and pure-heartedcan we live up to our words and keep our promises.

2. Honesty is the most importantintangible asset of ours; MyIdea insists on winning customers through honesty.

3. Never put off till tomorrow what maybe done today; do things related to work during working hours.

4. Follow the necessary workflow, and avoidrepeated mistakes due to delinquency.